Monday, November 05, 2007

WANTED: Fearless Presidential Candidate

St. Michael defeating the devil

Now that Stephen Colbert is out of the race, what Ted Rall said:

We must elect--by an overwhelming, theft-proof majority--a candidate who promises to renounce Bush and all his works. A reform-minded president's first act should be to sign a law that reads as follows: "The federal government of the United States having been illegitimate and illegal since January 20, 2001, all laws, regulations, executive orders, and acts of commission or omission enacted between that infamous day and 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on January 20, 2009 are hereby declared invalid and without effect." Guantánamo, secret prisons, extraordinary rendition, spying on Americans' phone calls and emails, and "legal" torture would be erased. Our troops should immediately pull out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Somalia; we should apologize to our victims and offer to compensate them and their survivors. Bush should never appear on any list of American presidents. When he dies, his carcass shouldn't receive a state funeral. It ought to be thrown in the trash.

I love the way he weaves in the Roman Catholic Baptismal rite about "renouncing Satan and all his works..." I especially enjoyed the end where we all denounce the Codpiece as a blot upon our history and toss him out like a rotting fruit.

Ahh, liberal political porn, you are my weakness.


Anonymous said...

Hey, if allegations of steroid use may prove enough to keep Barry Bonds out of the baseball hall of fame, then demonstrable crimes against humanity clearly merit Bush's purge from the presidential rolls--but, wouldn't that allow all those who supported this nightmare to pretend that it never happened and that they don't deserve the blame for all the unconscionable acts they made possible?

Alex said...

If they set everything back the way it was, made it all right, and then proceeded to take the next presidency in the opposite direction of the last one, then they might manage to escape being hounded by the rest of us for what they've done so far.

In any other case, oh no. We'll strike them from the record entirely, but everybody will know the story of the government that screwed up so badly that they were purged from history due to embarrassment.