Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bookfair is "Homeland Security Threat"

Of course it is an Anarchist's bookfair.
At 3 PM, on Friday, November 2nd, the landlord of the building which houses the Pitch Pipe Infoshop received a call from a Tacoma PD lieutenant. He told her that the Infoshop and the Anarchist Bookfair which it is holding this Saturday and Sunday is a homeland security threat and will be monitored by police for the entire weekend. The landlord then approached residents of the building and threatened eviction.
I had no idea anarchists had bookfairs or fairs of any kind.
There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for infiltrators. In order to better help identify any infiltrators, do not speak about instigations and do not take aggressive actions towards the police. DO NOT DO THESE THINGS NEAR THE HOUSE! We can not have anything happening near the house. Do not venture off somewhere with someone you do not trust. Stay with those you are completely tight with. Any and all infiltrators that are caught will be treated like infiltrators. ALL AFFINITY GROUP MEETINGS ARE CLOSED MEETINGS! PERIOD!
It sounds like what I say to my sons when they go out for the evening.

hat tip to Nonsensical Ravings of Finely Tuned Insanity


Alex said...

Except this time, if trouble starts, the police are sure to be involved. Always good to know that your government does its best to spy on you if you feel like expressing a thought contrary to the official line.

red rabbit said...

The phrase "Homeland Security" not only has a Nazi ring to it, it gives cover to our "democratically elected" leaders (yeah, right!) in their fascist fantasies of ruling the world and their fearmongering. I made light of them in my post, but this is exactly the kind of confrontation the anarchists of old dreamed of, and I get the feeling the folks in Tacoma aren't ready for their close-up.

Alex said...

Older anarchists are also smarter ones, I suspect - they'd be willing to fight a retreating action, or to wait until they could actually impose their will for a change. I'd be surprised if anyone banded together for directed direct action these days.