Monday, June 21, 2004

If you missed Jon Stewart eviscerate Stephen Hayes be sure to catch it at midnight Central Time or tomorrow at 6 P.M.

Jon is national treasure. Let's save the $10 bill for him.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

My Late Clinton Post

I’m watching the 60 Minutes Clinton interview on tape (Father’s Day dinner and all).

I like that he said this: “I’ve said more about my personal life than any public figure should.” I like that

This proves once and for all that countries may fall, presidents may lie about death and torture and what have you, but we as a people will forever be obsessed with Clinton’s penis.

They’re framing his beef against Kenneth Starr as though it’s a paranoid fantasy he thought up to get himself out of trouble. No corroborating evidence.

Dan Rather bites ass.

I really don’t like the way they’re doing this. Everything he says, even the stuff that can be confirmed, is presented as being subject to debate. A good news program would provide context for his statements.

I can’t believe Rather just accused Clinton of wagging the dog.

I suppose it would have been too much to hope that they wouldn’t beat us over the head with the subject of his infidelity but Jesus fucking Christ, how many times can he possibly say that, “It was awful and I’m sorry”? And there was a right wing conspiracy for anybody who cares to do the goddamn research.

It’s a hard to watch the testimony again. It takes me right back to that surreal icky feeling.

Shut up Dan, just shut the hell up

This interview was supposed to make me happy. It’s pissing me off. The funny thing is that Dan is trying his damnedest to make Clinton look bad and it’s not working very well. It’s hard to smear someone who has nothing to lose.

This is a sloppy interview. First of all there is no conceivable structure. Even a third grader knows when in doubt start at the beginning. They can’t seem to leave the flashpoints of Lewinsky, Flowers, and Jones alone long enough to do any actual work. Secondly, it’s completely manipulative. Instead of saying anything new, they’re hitting all the hot buttons, all the boring ones at that.

And Reagan even had the crash this party. “Bill let’s talk about when you die.”