Friday, January 07, 2005


It looks like Krugman is back in full force, which I'm going to take as my cue that I've got it snap out of my own post-election, pre-inauguration funk.
How did we find ourselves living in a bad novel? It was not ever thus. Hypocrites, cranks and scoundrels have always been with us, on both sides of the aisle. But 9/11 created an environment some liberals summarize with the acronym Iokiyar: it's O.K. if you're a Republican.

I'm still spinning my wheels on how to cope with this newer yuckier version of reality that we find ourselves in. But Krugman is right about not rolling over and playing dead regarding the confirmation of Gonzalez and Kerik when he states, "when the Senate confirms Mr. Gonzales, it will mean that Iokiyar remains in effect, that the basic rules of ethics don't apply to people aligned with the ruling party. And reality will continue to be worse than any fiction I could write. "

These days it's NOT okay if you are a Republican. We need to remind people of this.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Well I'm back from a black hole of paper writing and holiday traveling. The problem with extended blogging breaks is that it's incredibly difficult to pick up a topic. And as my news consumption has been slim to none lately, I can't really claim to have anything substantial to say.

But I will hopefully come up with something. For now, Happy New Year y'all. Start the year and light a fire under Bush's ass concerning tsunami relief.