Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I'm staying away from the news today in an attempt to gain some perspective on the outcome yesterday. I'm so discouraged and upset that I think I've retreated into some sort of denial mode. I keep telling myself that it's not as bad as it seems, all the time knowing full well that it is as bad as it seems. If I thought that the Republicans would in any way moderate their stance on anything, maybe I could cut my losses and move on. But I know better. And all I can do is wonder how we let this happen.

It's so hard to compare this with known dictatorships, especially when most people live in comparative comfort despite the economic toilet we're in. Most people just laugh when you refer to the Bloodless Coup of 2000. But there you have it. Our entire government has been radicallized and we stand to pay the price.

I suppose this isn't the first time it's felt like the end of the world, and I doubt it will be the last. And hopefully two years from now we will be an a position to make real change. But right now things look bleak. So you'll have to pardon me if, just for today, I lose all hope that the good guys will win in the end.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Wow, Durbin really trounced Durkin!
Election Musings
ABC has the best updates so far.

For the record I'm officially in television hell. They're broadcasting the Bush victory orgy on MSNBC,CNN, and inevitably FOX. The only thing that could make that more annoying is Chris Matthews talking over it. And Rush Limbaugh on NBC? The only reason my head isn't in the oven right now is that my home state of Illinois is in the Democratic free and clear.

I'm telling you if the Repugs take over Congress I'm not sure I'll get out of bed tomorrow.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Damn it, damn it, damn it! I can't believe I missed this.

STEWART: We're probably not going to go with 2000. We're going to go with 2002. We're going to stick with the year that it is now.

We're going live with all state coverage and all state results, and we're very excited about that. The people really need to get direct false numbers right away. We'll make our predictions probably as early as we can, and we hope to really give a full-on wrap up of everything that's happened.

Are you guys going live that night?

KURTZ: I don't know. Let me check with the producers.


KURTZ: It depends on what else is going on.

STEWART: I was going to say.

Jon Stewart for president.
When Coulter and her ilk consider attacking Dowd and and the New York Times and their antiwar stance, they really should consider the fact that Dowd knows firsthand what she's talking about.

Over a traditional lunch of mutton with the head on, kabsa and buttermilk at her restored mud house, Prince Saud's daughter, Princess Haifa, said she worries that Americans are clueless about Arabs. "Americans are watching people fight on — what do you call it?" she said, as her companions chimed in "Jerry Springer" and "Montel Williams." "What's so great about democracy? At least we're informed."