Wednesday, April 14, 2004

He just can't stop.
Once again, President Bush misspoke on a weapons issue, telling the nation that 50 tons of mustard gas were found in Libya -- twice the amount actually uncovered.

Okay this isn't quite as egregious as his other lies. But does it bug anyone else that Bush has no regard for accuracy? I'm not sure that ballpark figures cover it during wartime.

...And yes, that tie was doing weird things.
In short, no, it wasn't in your head. And, no, it wasn't your TV. And, no, it wouldn't have helped to change the channel. It looked like that--pulsating, strobing--on every channel that reshuffled its schedule to make room for Bush as he addressed 9-11 and Iraq.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Epilogue on President Flopsweat


What a piss-poor job, even by Bush's dismal standards. I'm sorry I fell off on blogging duties. It's hard to blog while sipping Hot and Sour Soup. But man what an embarrassing display. Yes usually he dodges and stutters, but he always seems rather blithe about the whole business. That facade is finally cracking. I kept expecting him to say "Fuck this," and walk out.

Didn't like the questions on mistakes and failure and responsiblities. Too close reality. And David Brooks is already revising it in his head to pretend it wasn't really that bad.

He can't answer how the Vietnam analogy is false because well he doesn't really know what went on in Vietnam.

What about the Sunni-Shiite alliance? Nobody asks good questions.

Yes what about all those promises? How did you get that so wrong?


Food's here. More later.

Bad choice in tie. "You are getting sleepy. You don't care about badly I've fucked up. You believe every word I'm saying. Sleep America, sleep."

"An atmosphere of security." What does that mean exactly? This is probably so that they can say, "We never said we'd supply actual security, merely an atmosphere of security."

Uni-ed Nation. Slur, slur, slur.

The licking of the lips does not inspire confidence. And it's slightly icky.


Ah yes, Weapons of Mass Destruction. That particular argument never gets tired.

"I'll be glad to take your questions." That face says otherwise.

It's That Time Again

Yes, I once again will give myself an eye-rolling induced headache by watching this alleged press conference. Watching Bush wing it has all of the pain of a watching a high school play and none of the fugitive nostalgia. When I watch a high school play I wince out of empathy. When I watch Bush I wince, and cringe and finally retch.