Sunday, November 06, 2005

Senator Durbin was Right

Anyone who slammed the senior senator from Illinois for calling into question the Bush/Cheney torture policy owes him an apology. Not only is that dick, Cheney, trying to strongarm Congress into looking the other way while our designated torturers do his dirty work, the United States of America is shanghai-ing suspected terrorist types and smuggling them to countries where they can be secretly tortured. "Black sites" in countries that allow torture...countries like, oh...POLAND.
...the CIA is maintaining secret facilities outside the U.S. where it is holding suspected terrorists. The point of these extra-territorial holding pens... is "to hold and interrogate suspected terrorists for as long as necessary and without restrictions imposed by the U.S. legal system or even by the military tribunals established for prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay."
Wait a what the CIA is doing to these suspected terrorists is illegal in the U.S., and probably illegal in other western democracies like ROMANIA and POLAND. But somehow what Dick Durbin said was going way too far and he was forced to apologize on the floor of the Senate?

Don't even get me started on why a blowjob in the privacy of your oval office = impeachment, but stealing two elections; disenfranchising millions of voters; allowing a major terrorist attack to occur on U.S. soil; invading two countries, the second invasion occurring after cooking pre-war intelligence, lying mightily and often to Congress and the American people about said intelligence; detaining and torturing countless innocent people; revealing the identity of a covert CIA operative, and thus compromising national security in an attempt to destroy a whistleblower; failing tremendously and on worldwide television to respond to thousands of American citizens left stranded and without food or water in the wake of the worst hurricane disaster in our history (and that's just off the top of my head) = diddly-squat.