Saturday, October 28, 2006

We Live in F*****land*

When Limbaugh says something horrifying, it really isn't all that surprising. Limbaugh left the world of civil discourse so long ago there's no point calling him a fucker yet again.

So why is this latest fucker moment worth noting?

Because of all the other fuckers it brings out of the woodwork.

This "attack the suffering" mentality has been one of the most extraordinary things to emerge on the right over the last few years. On the one hand it's sort of part of the outrage that blames the poor for poverty, promiscuity for rape, etc. But I think that part of the post 9/11 whackoness also is this sense where the idea of somone else suffering more than you is simply unacceptable and rather than acknowledge that all suffering is not equal, you attack the sufferer.

There is a certain truth to all being fair game once it enters the political arena. But there is distinct difference between having an issue with Michael J. Fox politicizine his disease and calling him out for "faking." And more power to him for being political, especially now. The stakes are higher for him, as the are for the Iraq vets, and the 9/11 widows.

*Quote taken from roomie Spence.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cheney Admits to Having NO BRAIN

Not that we had any doubt, but admitting that you have a problem is the first step toward recovery. Get well, Dick.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Audacity of Obama

Well, the inevitable save-the-date announcement of Barack Obama's true intentions has arrived. Yup. It's all about him. No matter that the invasion of Iraq is getting bleaker by the hour; we could be at the brink of a nuclear war; and Bush appears to be preparing to flee to South America when the shit hits the fan--the conversation must be brought back to the importance of what the country can do for Barack Obama. I mean, wouldn't someone who really served his constituents and country be calling for investigations into the corruption that has brought our democracy to its knees?

He sure has come a long way from young Barry Obama, who tried hard to fit in, rejecting his Kenyan heritage until he saw how useful it could be for him. It's interesting to me that in the only real political campaign he's run, he had his head handed to him by voters on the southside of Chicago who overwhelming re-elected Bobby Rush to Congress. And I have more than a few questions about how he treated his mentor, Alice Palmer, as he ran her over to get her seat in the state senate.

But now, his face and name are everywhere. He's out selling his books and himself. But the conversation shouldn't be about Obama, it should be about this nation and what needs to be done to coexist peacefully in this world and how to enrich the lives of all our citizens.