Thursday, February 03, 2005

I meant to have some post-SOTU thoughts up this evening, but find that having unexpectedly run into Dave Chappelle this afternoon in Greenwich Village has reduced me into a Beavis and Butthead-type (Heh heh, that was cool). And really what can one say? I find that I have finally reached the point of being used to the fact that everything Bush says is pretty much a lie. And ultimately that's all I'm left with. This was probably the best thing I saw regarding last night.

And yes, you didn't misread back there. I ran into Dave Chappelle this afternoon. New York is so effing cool.
SOTU Lands on Groundhog Day
George Bush pulls his head out of his ass to speak to a joint session of Congress. This explains the excrement-filled speech. (do you kiss Joe Lieberman with that mouth, sir?)

I'm not sure what happens if he sees his shadow.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

SOTU: Some Initial Thoughts

I don't what was worse. The actual SOTU or the limp Democratic Response. Reid and Pelosi inspire no confidence. Their quite disapproval does nothing to drown out the screams of "We're fucked!" in my head. Let me brood this for an evening. I'll get back to you later.
Did he just invoke Roosevelt? FDR should haunt him till he goes mad.

It's over thank God. Recap to come.
Oh man he's sending Condi to Middle East.

"We must confront nations who support terra." If he says Saudi Arabia, I'll name my firstborn George Walker.

"..fighting terrorists in Iraq so we do not have to face them at home." Flypaper theory, that's an oldie. New ideas people. I'm tired of recycling my outrage.

And now we reach the "terra" portion of the evening. Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction but other countries may, and I'm gonna route out all the evil do-ers except for Osama Bin Laden, because he is like Voldemort and saying his name will make me wet my pants.

We are going to build a NEW coalition, because the OLD one won't return our phone calls.
I can't follow this so-called Social Security reform idea. Somebody explain it to me later.

"Gay Marriage" and the heartland goes wild.

Wow! Christopher Reeve's wife it there. And there he goes stepping all over stem cell research.

Ugh! He winked. Make it stop.

Ashcroft looks pained. Must be the cumulative effect of all of those voodoo dolls.

Laura has some massive helmet hair going on.

A whole 15 seconds devoted to AIDS. Compassionate.

There are a lot of empty seats on the Dems side.

"Social Security WAS a great moral success in the 20th Century." Ah yes excellent rhetorical method. Talk of it as if it is already a relic. Soften up the public before you kick them to the curb. Kudos to the Dems for refusing to clap.

I am still struck by how frightening Cheney's face looks hovering over Bush's shoulder.

Did the Dems's just boo? Rock! Shout"liar", shout "liar"!

I know, why bother? We all know how empty and soul-crushing the next hour or so, but one must do it, because--well--because one is a masochist at home this evening. One would rather watch Law and Order but one can't. So as our National Embarrassment walks down the aisle I ready my keyboard, take a swig of Beajoulais and wonder why in the hell am still here doing this.