Saturday, March 01, 2008

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Snow bunny?

Pat Buchanan: Offended White Man

Poor, poor Pat Buchanan. When it comes to the glorious events in American history where bravery, intelligence, strength of mind and body are called for and achieved, he's like Stephen Colbert—he doesn't see skin color. And like a bisexual narcissist, he doesn't see gender.

"[W]hat did white males do? OK, they were the only guys signing the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, all the dead at Gettysburg, all the dead at Normandy."

OK, I'll give him the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence but Gettysburg and Normandy? Not so much. Media Matters has the exchange up and it's a must read.

At one point Tucker Carlson steps out of his role as "white male" to make a stab at sincerity:
CARLSON: Let me just say this. I think -- and I'm not just -- you know, people say, "Oh, you're a white man. That's why you're defending white men." Actually, I'm being sincere. I'm defending this purely on principle. I don't think that you ought to cavalierly attack people based on their race or gender.
But back to Buchanan, who had the following exchange with Bill Press:
PRESS: ...- when you look at the floor of the Democratic convention and look at the great diversity on the floor, in terms of men and women and people of color, and then you look at the floor of the Republican convention, and it looks like the, you know --

BUCHANAN: What's wrong with that?

And in the same hyperventilated discussion he says:
I would remind you, every single president has been a white male. Is that something wrong with America?
Not for long, Pat.

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