Sunday, January 02, 2005

Well I'm back from a black hole of paper writing and holiday traveling. The problem with extended blogging breaks is that it's incredibly difficult to pick up a topic. And as my news consumption has been slim to none lately, I can't really claim to have anything substantial to say.

But I will hopefully come up with something. For now, Happy New Year y'all. Start the year and light a fire under Bush's ass concerning tsunami relief.


Regina said...

My blog consists almost exclusively of the inner turmoil that is my usual mental/emotional state. Haven't read the news lately? Just blog about whatever's on your mind: job/school stress, self-esteem problems, dating, where the hell this God person is anyway, how long ago the entire human race should have gone extinct, etc.

Just free associate. I'm making a career out of it.

ceds said...

totally! I think everyone would be interested in hearing about how you COULD have been in a U2 video!! (I promise I'll stop rubbing that in eventually...)