Wednesday, November 07, 2007

AT&T Carrying Out Domestic Dragnet

That's what Mark Klein, former AT&T technician and current whistleblower says.
...they [AT&T] were copying everything flowing across the Internet cables, and the major Internet links between AT&T’s network and other company’s networks, and it struck me at the time that this is a massively unconstitutional, illegal operation.

It affects not only AT&T’s customers, but everybody, ‘cause these links went to places like Sprint, Qwest, a whole bunch of other companies, and so they’re basically tapping into the entire Internet.

But isn’t the government only monitoring suspected terrorists and not ordinary Americans?

To perform what they say they want to do, which is look at international traffic, none of this makes any sense. These installations only make sense if they’re doing a huge, massive domestic dragnet on everybody, in the United States.

Apparently, Big Brother is watching.

hat tip to Buzzflash

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