Saturday, November 10, 2007


The FBI apparently spied on the Marx brothers. Why? Maybe J. Edgar H00ver thought they had a long, lost brother named Karl. Groucho's file alone is 186 pages long, although there's not much intrigue in any of the brothers' files. I wonder if anyone bothered to tally the cost to taxpayers this particular exercise generated.
Hoover seems to have paid very alert attention to anyone, anyone at all, who could bridge the gap between an 'intelligentsia' and the general public, between the highly educated and ordinary working people.
Hoover would've fit right in with the Bush league, with their fear and obsessive control over information.

I'll bet Jon Stewart's file is much more interesting.


Alex said...

Of course they spied on the Marx Brothers. The king always wants to know where the fools are and what jokes they're making, just in case they start making jokes that would encourage the people not to obey the king.

Anonymous said...

You'd better submit a FOI request for "Red Rabbit"--I mean rabbits aren't red, unless . . .