Thursday, August 21, 2003

Dear PetitionOnline,

Re: your Boycott KB Toys For Misleading the Public About Bush's Military Record

I think you're missing the great potential for payback K•B Toys is providing. This doll has VOODOO written all over it. I can already imagine sticking pins in it, burning it in effigy, or giving it to the puppy as a chew toy. Just imagine hundreds of Bush dolls wearing orange jumpsuits, hanging from tiny nooses, or getting fried in mini-electric chairs, or just behind little prison bars. Maybe you could request that K•B Toys give a percentage of their profits from this particular doll to a veterans organization? I think there's a way to turn this around and still get the visceral satisfaction that would come from tearing it tiny inauthentic limb from tiny inauthentic limb.

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