Thursday, August 21, 2003

Apparently assigning responsibility for the bombing of UN headquarters boils down to a massive game of Not It between Bremer and the Iraqi Governing Council.

The confrontation clearly reflected a growing American conviction that a greater and more visible Iraqi involvement in government might allay some hostility to the American-led occupation. Iraqi officials said the Council had responded by saying it lacked authority to convince Iraqis it was effective or relevant.

Iraqi Council members have repeatedly said they should be granted more authority over the police force."You can't blame for us anything," said Adnan Pachachi, a council member, in a recent interview. "We don't have any responsibility."

So what is the most troubling implication here? Not the loss of life, the worsening situation, the growing hostility. No, it's the fact that the US might be blamed instead of the Iraqis.

Concern was clearly widespread today among Western officials that Iraq could find itself in a political void. The memo prepared for Mr. Bremer suggests that American officials are concerned that in the aftermath of Tuesday's truck bombing, Iraq's leaders might appear disconnected from the tragedy.

These no-shit-Sherlock moments have elements of humor. Forgive me if I don't laugh.

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