Friday, April 04, 2008

...speaking of the Edwards's...

I'm not surprised.
According to a Democratic strategist unaligned with any campaign but with knowledge of the situation gleaned from all three camps, the answer is simple: Obama blew it. Speaking to Edwards on the day he exited the race, Obama came across as glib and aloof. His response to Edwards’s imprecations that he make poverty a central part of his agenda was shallow, perfunctory, pat. Clinton, by contrast, engaged Edwards in a lengthy policy discussion. Her affect was solicitous and respectful. When Clinton met Edwards face-to-face in North Carolina ten days later, her approach continued to impress; she even made headway with Elizabeth. Whereas in his Edwards sit-down, Obama dug himself in deeper, getting into a fight with Elizabeth about health care, insisting that his plan is universal (a position she considers a crock), high-handedly criticizing Clinton’s plan (and by extension Edwards’s) for its insurance mandate.
Glib, aloof, shallow, perfunctory, and pat; insisting his position is something it isn't. That sounds like Obama to me.

HT to Mr. Krugman


Anonymous said...

A Croc!? Here is your Crock!-

What about being fired upon by snipers in Tulza? Now that is a crock! I guess blogs have brought back a form of Yellow Journalism. I see the legacy of the USS Maine lives, resurfacing as many forms, but leaving a familiar mark.

The Selfishness of Humans and the slow fall of Government-

People have no soul, but have many sins, people are selfish first and never giving. Our republic is damaged and torn like it has been since 1792, because of our selfishness and ignorance. I wish to be a great politician one day, but many people have pillaged my idealism and faith in the honesty of the common person. I now see less and less honesty and with every passing day and that sentiment grows like Pompeiis storm. Thanks for the contribution to this storm, your twists of politicians has been a great contribution to my realist view. I am not some naive and little boy, I am a man who seeks enlightenment and knowledge in all forms and at all costs and I believe that it is the shameless voter who will kill this republic and tear down the constitution. Semper Fidelis to this idea and to this republic, but never to the common voter.

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."- Winston Churchill, one of the few things he has ever done or said right.

Robert J. Peters said...

A Crock Part 2-

Let us look deeper at the evils in which Senator Clinton has brought upon the Democratic Party. She is now going to alienate voters by asking for pledged delegates that support Obama to switch their vote and pledge for her. I only see doom for the party that I have come to love so dearly. The Democratic Party has become so inept and so lost. We are the party that has shot ourselves in the foot since 1968!

I see only an end to the American hegemony because the average voter lacks brains, guts, and a heart. I cry foul and shame because it is the stupidity of the American voter of our two parties that have left my government inept and dysfunctional. I wish for my party to evolve and save this government and this great republic, but the thing about wishes is that they rely on some outside force to make them come true. The crock is what has happened to my republic, lady liberty has been torn by the de-evolution of the two party system.

red rabbit said...

Where to begin...?

It sounds like your fantasy "republic" only bears a passing resemblance to a democracy, because you're apparently at odds with THE basic principle of democracy: one citizen = one vote. You may want to rethink this position if you decide to go into politics. But, I could be wrong --it's working out for Barack. (See "Obama Blocked The Michigan Revote.")

Just out of curiosity...what makes you and your vote more important or enlightened than anyone elses?

Be careful about throwing around a term like "yellow journalism" without backing it up or even looking it up. That tactic will sink your credibility faster than you can say "Tony Rezko."

Robert J. Peters said...

This country is a Democratic Republic, but the people aren't making legislation the Legislative Branch is making that with House for the people and the Senate for the state, at least that was the compromise made by the founders and changed in 1913, but it remains the same the people vote on who makes the decisions for the good of the people. Kind of like a superdelegate right? a very democratic process that is because they vote against the will of the people for the good of the people, again so democratic.

When it comes to my vote it means not more or less than anyone else in terms of value. That does not mean I am ahead in knowledge and class compared to the average voter. See it is as if you forgot that this country voted for Reagan and Bush to remain in office for the full 8 years. The average voter does not vote because of what is right, but what is right for Jesus. So that is why I think my vote isn't average. I practice politics with an understanding that all humans are selfish, because we are. The average voter tells themselves that they aren't selfish, they care about others. That ignorance is why I feel I am so enlightened and plan to grow the knowledge to become even more enlightened.

Ahh, the Michigan vote and that Florida vote, it isn't Obamas fault that they broke the rules. He smartly controlled the situation so that it doesn't damage him. Unlike Hillary and Bill he didn't act as if the two states should be exempt from breaking DNC rules and campaigned for the rule breakers to be given exemption.

I apologize for throwing out "yellow journalism", I should not expect objectivity in todays internet age. That was naive of me, but I am working on that. I do have a joke though, if there is one thing I learned about politicians it is credibility can be made up like a piece of fiction. Clinton, Obama, and McCain all have been fictitious as politicians, selfishness is an inherent trait of all animals.