Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ann Coulter Needs to Be Kicked in the Neck

There is no way to get around it anymore. Ann Coulter is way overdue for a good old-fashioned ass-kicking. I'm actually pretty astounded it hasn't happened yet. Oh there was the failed pie incident. But I'm talking about one of those satisfying knock down drag outs. In fact if were Ann (before I gave the world a break and retired, taking a vow of silence for good measure), I wouldn't make a move without an army of bodyguards, a bulletproof car, and my own private arsenal.

Ann is impossible to humiliate because she doesn't understand the nature of humility. If she did she wouldn't have a career. One cannot humiliate her on an intellectual level because she's too stupid to know when she's been out-argued. Having failed in the realm of ideas, it is now time to move to the realm of fisticuffs. Those of us who have ever faced down a schoolyard bully and lived to tell about it, know what happens in a fight. There is no humility like doing your damndest to try and not go out like a punk. At that moment it doesn't matter how clever or pretty or right you may think you are. All that matters is that the other person is out to beat you up and you either have to put up a good fight or just get beat. And until Ann has to face down someone who seriosly wants to kick her bony ass, she will never understand humility.

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