Wednesday, April 06, 2005

At least 16 people were killed when an American military helicopter crashed in bad weather near the town of Ghazni, south of the capital Kabul, an American military spokeswoman said.

The American spokeswoman, Cindy Moore, said that 18 people were listed as having been aboard the helicopter. It was not known, however, whether the two people unaccounted for had actually boarded the aircraft.

Nor had the nationalities of all the victims been determined, she said.


red rabbit said...

Shit, Sonny's in Kabul.

Anonymous said...

He's okay. He promised me he's very far away from any helicopters! He lived through his first dust storm yesterday, though. That's probably what brought the helicopter down.

-- Kate

Agitprop said...

Yeah and thanks to the 24/7 Pope-a-palooza coverage the media barely mentioned this story. The media have become interested solely in celebrity trials, death watches and police car chases. Real investigative reporting was thrown out the window long ago.

Kate said...

Where are you, girl? Hanging in there?