Thursday, January 29, 2004


Why wasn't this the headline to yesterday's article in The New York Times about the 9/11 commission? Buried in the twelfth paragraph on page A20 is this little tidbit:
The Bush administration officials confirmed news reports last year that a White House intelligence summary presented to Bush shortly before the attacks suggested that terrorists might be planning an attack using passenger planes.
In fact, the article reads as though it was prepped in a cut-and-paste frenzy, with this little paragraph left in by mistake(?) Why isn't the press pressing administration officials, specifically Condo "no one could have imagined this scenario" Rice to respond? This is unbelievable that not one journalist, and I use that term for lack of a more descriptive one, is questioning President PantyWaist about his knowledge, pre-9/11, of potential terrorist attacks—this admission apparently made by his administration. Isn't it somebody's job to ask the hard questions?

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