Friday, January 30, 2004

At last check the temp here in Chicago was two degrees Fahrenheit, thirty below wind chill, which makes it a tad warmer than Richard Perle’s heart. (By the way if you missed him on The Daily Show the other day, that man has some serious bags under his eyes. “That’s were keeps the souls he takes to hell with him.”)

But that’s the report I woke up to. Top local news story, it’s cold. Later on I heard this story:
In a series of complex transactions hidden from state regulators, Peoples Gas transferred or sold natural gas intended to heat Chicagoans' homes to a venture of its parent company and Enron Corp., internal documents show.

As a result, the utility was forced to replenish gas supplies at high prices on the open market, contributing to record heating bills for customers during the brutally cold winter of 2000-2001.


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