Monday, October 06, 2003

The not-so-subtle signs that you might be a racist

--You must take notes everytime you see a "normal" black family or, for that matter, a black family at all.

--You have ever said any of the following statements.

"I am not a racist."
"Some of my best friends are (insert minority here)."
"You know just by talking to you I would never guess you were (insert minority here)."
"You're from New Mexico? You speak English so well."
"I just don't think interracial marriage is fair to the child."
"Colin Powell is just so well-spoken."

--You give famous minorities props for being "a credit to their race."

--The Puerto Rican Day Parade makes you feel like there are too many Puerto Ricans in the U.S.

--You've used the word "ethnic" as a euphemism.

--You are reading this list right now and getting indignant because you don't see anything wrong with any of the aforementioned points.

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