Thursday, October 02, 2003

A Final Plea Before Sentencing

Well, we are five days away from the California election and I am positively stiff with terror. Most readers know that I blog from Chicago (yeah, yeah, go Cubs, whatever I don’t give a sh*t). But I do have a history with California, and am actually looking into to moving to the Bay Area. This recall effort could seriously derail my grad school plans. So I am making a plea to Californians right now to vote no on the recall. I have no strong feelings about either Davis or Bustamente. But I do know one thing: if Arnold Schwartzenegger becomes governor of California, Jesse Ventura will no longer be the biggest case of buyer’s remorse in state government history.

A Special Note to Republican Voters: Yes, I know I am an icky, paranoid liberal who has said some pretty nasty things about your heroes in the GOP. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to me. You may think I hate you. You may be right. But you want to know who hates you more? The Republicans you so enthusiastically vote into office. They hate you. They think you are stupid and easily manipulated. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t parade Arnold out for you and declare with a straight face that he is the best man for the job. Hell, they did the same thing with Bush. And this is because their private interests come before your public good. If you want to be proud of your party please don’t let Governor Terminator become a reality. Say no and force your leadership to provide a real candidate.

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