Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Who ya gonna call?

If you're a soldier in the US Army who collapsed in 130-degree heat in Iraq, fell into a coma, nearly died of heart failure, who returned to Roxbury, MA only to face homelessness, Ted Kennedy is THE man.
In the past two weeks, the Army has promised to ship her possessions back from Germany, she's seen doctors at the veterans' hospital, and she's been told to expect her first disability check next month. But the help, she said, only came after the office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy intervened. For example, she said, the Army refused to fly her brother and sister to Germany to bring her daughter home. Then the senator's office called and suddenly a flight was offered.
''Was that a coincidence?'' Turner said. ''I don't think so.'' Veterans' officials, both nationally and locally, now know about her case and vow to make it a priority.
What happened to all of that patriotic goodwill? Vannessa Turner couldn't get assistance from the goddamn US Army, for Christsakes, until the last liberal holding public office intervened.
Read the article, it says vets account for 23% of our homeless population. That's just unacceptable. Maybe this is why tours of duty are being extended to one year or longer. The fucking government can't guarantee some of these folks will have homes when they return.

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