Monday, August 11, 2003

If I could distract you from Kobe and Ahnuld for a moment? The Sydney Morning Herald reported US forces using napalm in Iraq on March 24th and the Pentagon responded thusly:
Your story ('Dead bodies everywhere', by Lindsay Murdoch, March 22, 2003) claiming US forces are using napalm in Iraq, is patently false. The US took napalm out of service in the early 1970s. We completed destruction of our last batch of napalm on April 4, 2001, and no longer maintain any stocks of napalm. - Jeff A. Davis, Lieutenant Commander, US Navy, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense.

But by "took napalm out of service" they meant "we renamed it".

Family shot dead by panicking US troops. Bush, et al, have made murderers out of our young enlisted. They'll return soulless and bitter, or in bodybags.

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