Friday, June 20, 2003


I'm of two minds about this story.

Mind #1:
Pride in the Big Apple has been the incentive for several deep-pocketed Democrats to cross party lines and promise millions to help stage the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York.

The city's host committee has collected $60 million in pledges -- $4 million short of its fund-raising target -- 15 months before the political event. Wealthy executives, Republican and Democrat, are tapping their own bank accounts, companies and associates.

Aaauuggghhh!!! No! Are you insane? The whole point of having the Republican Convention in New York is to dance a victory jig on the graves of the 9/11 victims. This is beyond outrageous; it's digusting, cynical and WRONG!

This is why people voted for Nader!

Mind #2
Jonathan Tisch of Loews Hotels, another Democratic supporter backing the convention, said his motivation was the potential tourism dollars for the city.

"The convention coming to New York is so important economically and emotionally that it's necessary for all 8 million New Yorkers -- no matter what their party stripes are -- to support this event," said Tisch, who also heads the city's tourism agency.

Okay, yeah the budget crisis. Isn't it interesting that Democrats are willing to put aside partisanship when it comes to doing something that will help in a practical way? I seriously doubt Boston Republicans will ante up and kick in for the Democratic Convention.

Mind #1 wins. The very fact that there will be no kind of quid pro quo for this should be the first clue. This is yet another example of Democrats being too reasonable for their own good. I hope the New York Dems redeem themselves by really breaking the bank for the Democrats when the time comes.

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