Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Eric A. takes issue with all the "Bush is a moron" stories in the media.

Eric, you know better than this.

I know Bush is not a moron by virtue of his ability to achieve what he wants to achieve despite what often look like unbeatable odds. And I know that his desire to be thought of as a moron by his adversaries is a big part of his strength.

First of all Bush has never faced "unbeatable odds". His life does not allow for them. His life has PRIVILEDGE embossed on it, and when those are your circumstances "ability" doesn't apply. Ability? What ability? Every so-called accomplishment of his is due to the ability of his father and his cronies, or Karl Rove. Until Rove secured the Texas governorship, Bush's life was a series of narrow escapes, failures, and cover-ups.

If Bush were a retard or an imbecile he would deserve our pity. But he's a moron; a cavalier, dangerous, manipulative moron, and therefore he deserves our disdain and ridicule. The world is full of people like him, successful people who despite their lack of talent and intelligence achieve the trappings of greatness and fool the world into believing they have more on the ball than meets the eye. They have rich parents and their parents have rich friends and smart friends who work together to see that these morons never actually reap what they sow.

It would be better if Bush were smarter. At least then the outrage would be tempered with a grudging respect. But he's not. He's uninformed, uncurious, and unashamed about both.

I say just ignore these moron stories. Even if they're true, and the president is the idiot he sometimes appears to be, what does that make us I mean, the man kicks liberal ass just about every day and nobody seems to know what to do about it. If that’s moronic, well, help...

That doesn't make him smarter. It makes us weaker. None of this would be happening right now if Gore & Co. had showed a little more spine. I say post these stories everywhere. Each one is a reminder of how we failed and how important it is that we succeed next year.

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