Sunday, June 08, 2003

I managed to catch the first part of Sid Blumenthal's talk yesterday before leaving for another appointment. Not much to report. If you read the Salon series, you get the gist of the tone. It amazes me that this was the man demonized by the press. I wish I had been paying more attention at the time of the impeachment so I could really get a sense of what the myth was and what the reality is. As it was, I was ducking my head hoping it would all go away and covering my ears every time someone mentioned the Starr Report.

What I did get a sense of was the sheer disbelief felt by the Clinton administration that this was happening and the total sense of unpreparedness. Also a very dark feeling of vindication. Too little too late. Guess I have to read the book now, which will cut into my fiction reading time. Sigh.

Sean Wilentz has a good piece over at Salon about why the impeachment still matters and why historians get no respect.

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