Tuesday, April 01, 2003

I think the Daily Show has finally relented and embraced an antiwar stance. Jon Stewart likes to see himself as a moderate, mostly because I don't think he likes being lumped in with hippes and flakes. But watching the news these days has a way of pushing personal politics to the left, particularly if you are as skeptical and pragmatic as Jon is.

Last night's show was particularly good. He made a point of referring to how Rumsfield's cranky old man approach to foreign policy is both hilarious and terrifying ("Hey Syria! You want a piece of me?")

Chris Rock was on and did, unfortunately, make a point not to criticize Bush. But he and Jon did have an interesting exchange on the ludicrous way the press tries to maneuver anti-war activists into somehow being against the troops. (Chris Rock: "'So you're against the troops." "No I didn't say that, bitch."')

"Only a crazy person would be for a war."

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