Monday, March 02, 2009

Getting Things Done

As I noted in an earlier post, Democratic Party effectiveness will require that they get past the false notion that without a filibuster-proof majority they can't get things done. David E. RePass in an op-ed in today's Times argues eloquently to the contrary:
[F]ixing the problem would not require any change in Senate rules. The phantom filibuster could be done away with overnight by the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid. All he needs to do is call the minority’s bluff by bringing a challenged measure to the floor and letting the debate begin.
I say amen.


Anonymous said...

Amen and "What's taking them so long?" This was a threat back in the last administration that everything required 60 votes to get done. Not once did I ever see the bluff called then, and I doubt the Democrats will do so now. If the opposition wants to filibuster everything, then force them to do so and see how tired they get of having to read all sorts of stuff, time after time after time, while the Democrats go to sleep and generally stay in good cheer.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's time for change, which, as I recall, was the mantra for the Obama campaign.