Friday, September 26, 2008

Inside USA: Examining Obama's policies

ALJAZEERA ENGLISH aired this two-part program on September 13 asking what are Obama's policies and how would they change the country? It includes straightforward critiques of Barack Obama's positions by our good friend, Adolph Reed, Jr., professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania; and Glen Ford, editor of Black Agenda Report.

Part 1

Part 2

Quite timely, given today's report in the Washington Post that Obama is siding with the banking industry in opposing "a proposal to give bankruptcy judges new power to modify mortgages for troubled homeowners, an idea that is widely viewed as a bargaining chip..." in the $700 billion bailout plan negotiations. Barney Frank described it as "the primary remaining point of contention between Democrats and Republicans..."

hat tip to John at Progressive Involvement on Obama's latest disappointing stance.

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Kate said...

I just called his Chicago office and complained heartily about his lack of support for the provision. What an ass!!!