Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Malamute Blogging

The George Bush chew toy just bit the dust.


ceds said...

what was our chewed up prez wearing before his demise? looks like whatshisface from toy story with those cowboy boots...

Kate said...

Hey, where's the political analysis? We rely on y'all! I want to hear what you think!

Hope you are all doing great --


Regina said...

The political analyis is that I think this election is going to surprise us. We'll be surprised by all the people who turn out to be unable to tolerate the idea of a black president and we'll be surprised by all the people who turn out to be supportive of one. I'm noticing such surprises in my family. It's not a pleasant process, but I think it's how it will go.

I think Obama's speech last night didn't win over anyone who was against him, but it solidified the support of anyone who was leaning towards him. I think there are a lot of people who are holding on to their resentment and distrust of him, and they might never vote for him at all. But I'm hoping we won't need them in the end. And maybe with McCain's choice of running mate, we won't.

Red Rabbit?

red rabbit said...

Ceds, he was wearing a little blue outfit with cowboy boots, much like he wears in real life.

Kate, right back atcha!

Regina, what could possibly be more surprising than the Barnum and Bailey matchup we have before us?