Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Anybody else sick of the "Tim Russert was the best journalist ever" fantasia? It appears that Chris Matthews, grief-stricken and possibly drunk, divulged that Tim was just a big, fat, frightened patriot, really, who didn't do his job in regard to the U.S. invasion of Iraq. At least Tim claimed to believe the sky was falling in the form of a nuclear bomb in Saddam's twitchy little hands, and later blamed his lack of journalistic due diligence on government officials who didn't "pick up the phone" to tell him that Bushco was lying through their teeth.

Hell, I'm not the NBC News' Washington Bureau Chief, but I knew the build-up to the invasion of Iraq was one lie after another. Maybe I should apply for the job now that it's vacant since it appears you don't have to be a professional journalist to get paid to be a professional journalist. You don't even need a working bullshit detector, but I do have one of those.


Angelle said...

This is a bit unrelated, but there is a letter of petition going around against Fox news and their treatment of blacks (fueled by the "Obama's baby mama" comment).

Here is what I added along with my signature, my bold blogging defiance inspired by you, Red Rabbit:

"I often watch Fox News to stay abreast of the opinions of those that represent the larger majority of this country and the colorful comments that they make safely behind their white, shining picket fences. Fox News must definitely be stopped, as the "political commentary" they make is as substantiated, mature, humane, and respectable as commentary that can be found scribbled on filthy public bathroom walls."

red rabbit said...

hahaha...I like the bathroom wall comparison.

But Fox News isn't the only media outlet that's best suited for toilet seat reading. Gwen Ifill had some choice words to say about her "journalistic colleagues" who didn't speak up during the whole Don Imus mess.