Monday, February 04, 2008

Between Barack and a hard place

I've never been more disillusioned at this point in an election year. Ever. And I love me some Kennedys, but even their endorsements don't move me in the direction of Saint Barack.

And Hillary? She's too damn far to the right. Although I get the feeling that she's more likely to bring the fight to the Republicans than our boy, Barry, is. They hate her guts and she apparently thrives on it. Barack wants everyone to like him. He'll sell us all out.

Damn you, John Edwards! Couldn't you have hung on until the day after tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps all this means is that we'll have to begin, maybe a little earlier than expected, to strategize about how to get what we want no matter which candidate manages to garner a majority of the electorate. That is, if you want universal health coverage, Barack is not on his own going to deliver, so it has been always a matter of forcing him to be better than he would be if left to his own devices. Ditto Hillary on other issues.

Edwards was the best bet . . . but even with him we would have been faced with trying to keep the rightward tilt of the Democratic Party from causing him to slide in that direction.

red rabbit said...

so let's start strategizing.

Matthew Saroff said...

I feel your pain.