Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rep. Bob Allen: Negrophobia Made Me Do It!

Why did Rep. Bob Allen, (R-FL), offer to blow an undercover police officer AND pay the officer $20 to let me him do it? According to FOX News in Tampa Bay:
Police released taped statements from a state leader accused of trying to buy sex in a men's room. State Representative Bob Allen says he was feeling nervous and offered sex to get away from a man he didn't trust.

"He goes, you want $20 if i give you (oral sex). I'm like I don't want (oral sex), but I'll tell ya... I can give you one. What if I give you one?" said Allen.

Allen also warned the man of undercover cops. "I said they're around here, you ought to know about that."

Allen didn't know he was talking to a policeman until he pulled out a badge. He explained his behavior shortly after his arrest.

"This (undercover officer) is a pretty stocky black guy, and there's other black guys around in the park that—you know!"

Allen said he was also frightened of the weather. So he fled to the men's room.

"I went ahhh -- I'm about to be a statistic..."
Negrophobia. It's sweeping the nation.

Better keep an eye on the weather, too.

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