Monday, May 28, 2007


Quirino Chavez, 180th Regiment, 45th Infantry Division, killed in action November 9th, 1943, probably in a battle to take Venafro, Italy. He was buried December 9, 1948, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It took five years to bring his remains back stateside for burial.

Update: A million thanks to K. Martin for getting a photo of my Uncle Quirino's grave in Santa Fe as soon as I requested it.


Re: Uncle Q said...

Great information and pictures, thank you

Anonymous said...

I can recall some of the last conversations with Uncle Marcos, Uncle Q's Brother. Uncle Marcos was in this same war zone when he was killed.

Uncle Marcos was 82, 83 years old and still cried for the loss of his Brother.

It also reminded me when Momma spoke of Uncle Q and also cried.

He was an Uncle we never met.