Thursday, March 01, 2007

Obama: Guilt-free Voting?

I wandered over to Skeptical Brotha and commented on his Obama thread. The brotha's still skeptical, thank God, but does he have the resolve to not drink Barack's Koolaid? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, for those of you lurking in the ether, this is what I posted:

I’m no fan of the Chicago Tribune’s Steve Chapman, but he gave a very clear, very simple assessment of the problem. He said Obama has

“the knack of appealing to whites without evoking the slightest twinge of guilt.”
And I think Chapman wrote that without the slightest sense of how problematic it is.

The real Rorshach test is NOT whether Americans will vote for the grandson of a Kenyan goat herder, but whether they’ll vote for the grandson of a black sharecropper. I’m thinking not so much.

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