Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Malamute Blogging

Does he look guilty to you?

He just escaped from the backyard, ran across the street to pick a fight with the German Shepherd who lives there...and...what was I doing when this transpired? I was plugging away at converting all the illustrations in Fetal Pig Coloring Book to grayscale—in my jammies. I was jolted awake by simultaneous doorbell buzzing and pounding on the living room window. It was my neighbor, Barbra.

"I think I have your dog in my backyard..."

She couldn't possibly have my dog.

As we schlepped across the icy, mud-puddly street, me in my jammies, sandals and parka, she said, "My dog's never been in a fight with another dog before this..."

And then, of course, there he was. In Barbra's backyard. Wagging himself in half, sooooo happy to see me. I wanted to throttle him.

After apologizing for my bad, neglected dog and my disheveled appearance, Kodi and I slinked home, shooting "it's all your fault" looks at each other.


ceds said...

hahahahahahahahahaha YES!! having chased that evil brat dog down the street in flip flops before, that is the BEST story ever :) Of course, you will have conveniently forgotten all about this the next time I say he's bad...

red rabbit said...

He's my puppy, and I'll cry if I want to.

red rabbit said...

...and it was Birkenstocks in the my pajamas. It was not my best moment.

schroedil said...

Hmmm, I wouldn't say he looks guilty, but I would say he looks like he is saying 'Just dare to challenge me - I will do what I want to'. And he will venture away again, knowing full well, that you are so enamored with him that you would never suspect that he would ever try to visit a neighbor again. After all, his eyes say it all.

Another Hmmmm - and he seems to be as feisty as his female master Maria.

ceds said...