Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Cowards Hiding Behind Soldiers"

Steve's rant over at The News Blog is too good not to link to.
The GOP refuses to deal with reality. They refuse to deal with the losing war, the fact that we treat veterans like shit, that Bush's plan is doomed. They think their cowardly words matter.

Well to the grunts fighting for their lives in the outpost De Lattre Petraeus sent them to die in, it sure as shit didn't. Watching a car bomb breech your wall is a mind focusing experience. Do the Republicans care? Fuck no. Their grip on Iraq is as sure as Britney Spears on her sanity. They have a fantasy world of brave Iraqis and happy US soldiers.

And when anyone intrudes on this cowardly, disgusting picture, you get the vile spectacle of Brit Hume, adulterer, lecturing Jack Murtha on service to this country. This is a man who's son blew his brains out to hide his homosexualty. No one tosses that in his face, or how his first marriage ended.

Yet, he dares to tell Jack Murtha that he doesn't know anything about the military. Who the fuck is he kidding? Anyone with a clue knows he's the Pentagon's go to guy. They are so wedded to their fantasies, that they lie to people. If Juan Williams was a man, he would have told Hume to just stop fucking lying.

...These cowards are hiding behind soldiers, ignoring their reality of payday loans, divorces, PTSD and shitty equipment. Brit Hume hasn't got a clue about any of this, Jack Murtha certainly does. Since he's the one spending his weekends at Walter Reed.

The GOP no more cares about soldiers than farms care about shit.

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