Sunday, January 21, 2007


Woo-hoo! What a game! Bears are going to the Super Bowl! Now all the doubters can have a nice, tall glass of shut-the-fuck-up. Pardon my bluntness--it's in my nature to be blunt. Can't be helped.


ceds said...

they're the pride and joy of illinois
and the best in the NFL!

Kate said...

I've got to say I was going to be happy with whichever team won that game. Part of me wanted the Saints to win so bad because the last thing New Orleans needs is another kick in the nuts. Another part of me, nostalgic for the 80s I guess, wanted the Bears to win because, hell, I love football and one of my fondest memories of 1984 was the Fog Bowl which my mom, stepdad and I went to (though we didn't see much :>). It's a good thing they're no reliant on Rex. I don't think I could stomach another game if they were. He's the most frustrating player I've ever watched. It's like every play could be the one that costs the game. The only good thing is that there is significantly more thrill involved when he actually throws a decent pass.


Anyway, it's all good. It's cool. And I can't wait to see the Bears' kick those Hoosiers in the ass! That's a game I can get

red rabbit said...

Don't be hating on Rex, Kate. He's a Super Bowl quarterback now.

kim said...

part of me thought i'd be really happy to see a fellow NFC central team get to the big game, but.. i'm sorry, i just can't.. root..for.. the..bears..

but.. congrats!