Wednesday, August 30, 2006

NOLA, still here, inspite of it all

I've read, here and there, different accounts of what happened a year ago, and what's happened since. But Kate is back, with the beautiful writing that gets past the debris to what was New Orleans.

random thoughts:

Why did CNN send their African correspondent to cover Katrina? A wierd echo of Bush when he said, “I know the people of this part of the world are suffering…”

I wonder, also, why so much reaction to the displaced New Orleanians is resentful and even'd think that when Hurricane Katrina uncovered a group of American citizens who have been living below what most would consider "the poverty line"--going without even basic housing and healthcare for generations--you'd think that the reaction would be more charitable for longer than a year. The logic of this reaction escapes me.'s to New Orleans...

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Kate said...

Their AFRICAN correspondent?! Whaa?!!!

Yeah, you'd think all Americans would be horrified that so many people were living poor in NOLA before the storm, but then you'd also have expected them to be horrified by the pathetic response of the government immediately after, the pillaging by Carlisle, Bechtel, Halliberton, et al since then, and the absolute CRAP that is this blame-the-victim meme that grows stronger every day.

But why am I surprised. Rumsfeld compares liberals to Nazi-lovers and Cheney says "Dean Democrats" love al Qaeda and freedom.


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