Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Malamute Blogging

Yes, sometimes Kodi's awake.


Regina said...

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but your blog seems to have recently become too big for my browser. I have to wait extra time for your homepage to load, to scroll down and to access the archives. It makes me less likely to read anything except the most recent post. Just a note.

Kate said...

What a beautiful photograph of a beautiful dog. He's absolutely adorable!

I'm going to be in HP tomorrow. I'll call in the morning to see if you guys are free for lunch at all. I'm bringing Sam down to look at the campus. Fun!

red rabbit said...

Hey! I owe you a phone call or two or three—but to reply to your comment: I deleted the long list of links from Big Brass Alliance, and it seems to load faster on my browser (Safari), but you know, they say patience is a virtue...

He is a cutie! Hey, I guess I missed your call this morning. Who's Sam?