Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How About a Human Being for President

Screenwriter, Shermen Yellen asks Can a Man Become President? I found myself reading this and mentally replacing "human being" for real man because it made more sense that way.

Wikipedia defines a human being as having "a highly developed brain and consequent capacity for abstract reasoning, speech, language, and introspection."

Ok, this would disqualify George "Bootsie" Bush from being a human being much less President of the United States--or as he pronounces it U-ny-ed States.


Kate said...

Did you all hear that U2 is playing at a Rick Santorum fundraiser in Philly? Whaaa?!!! I read it on the web this morning and just heard it on CNN. I think it's actually true!!!! I'm so vaklempt. If they play for Santorum, I'll never buy another U2 record again. Hell, I might even break my CDs to bits. What betrayal!!!

Kate said...


Turns out Santorum is spreading this untruth. DATA has issued a statement saying that Bono and U2 don't endorse candidates:


Apparently Santorum is using the U2 concert to fundraise (a luxury box, blah blah) and his PR people thought it would be great to stick it out there in the world. It's on CNN which means legions of U2 fans are going to be pissed, I'd expect. They even quoted Santorum's people as saying that he and Bono have a lot in common because they're both people of "strong faith."


Lenora said...


Jesus that scared me for a second.