Friday, September 09, 2005

The Blame Game

The Administration doesn't want us to play "the blame game," but with such a catchy tune at the ready it's impossible to resist. So when they ask who's responsible for the Katrina Catastrophe be sure to sing out loudly:

Brownie, Brownie bo brownie
Bush’s crony, fo frownie
FEMA phony mo mownie

Let’s do Chertoff:

Chertoff, Chertoff, bo berthoff
Banana fana fo fertoff
Bush appointed this Jerk-off

Let’s do Bush:

Bush, Bush bo bush
He’s to blame! fo fush
Let’s impeach him! mo mush

The Blame Game . . .


red rabbit said...

Sweet Jesus! Fema raps, too!

Rooney said...

If you want to play the blame game, you might check out the facts first!

the professor said...

I'm quite aware of the facts, rooney, hence the song. There's plenty of blame at all levels of government on this one, but the buck stops at the desks of those at the top.