Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Beauty of Innuendoes

Durbin's remarks were not aimed, not even implicitly, at Holocaust victims or at your average soldier on patrol in Baghdad. He did want to say both directly and indirectly that all people under U.S. detention, no matter what we happen to think about their guilt or innocence, should not be subjected to certain kinds of treatment. But by construing his remarks as innuendo, Durbin's opponents were able to sidestep that discussion.

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Anonymous said...

And those mofos over at Move America Forward are going to run a multi-million dollar tv campaign to get Durbin to "really apologize" since apparently his apology wasn't apologetic enough for them. These are the same sick bastards behind he "I heart Gitmo" stickers.

I sent them a nasty email telling them they don't speak for me when they say that Durbin doesn't "support our troops." I'm going to send a letter to the Trib about it too. We don't have enough cash to battle these freaks, it seems. They are rolling in dough!!

I heard the national anthem yesterday at Grant Park and it made me cringe. All because of these greedy SOBs.