Saturday, May 14, 2005

Learn the Truth

If you have friends or loved ones serving in the U.S. Military, of if you give a damn about the two wars we are waging in the Middle East, you might want to check out this web site.

Operation Truth is an organization made up of non-partisan veterans. This web site has a lot of information about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that you won't see on the evening news, or read in your local newspapers.

Thanks to Kate over at Broken Windows for the info and link.

Go read Kate for first and second-hand news from the front.


Kate said...

Hey, thanks Red Rabbit!

How are you guys doing? What's up with Irvine? Do tell! I'd love to see y'all sometime soon.


Kate said...

hey Lenora

I don't know if you're still in NYC, but Op Truth is having a benefit concert May 21 with a whole mess of Air America personalities. here's the link:

Go, please! Then tell us all about it.

Shakespeare's Sister said...

OT - I don't think I have an email re: the Big Brass Alliance. Can you email me at your convenience so I can add you to the list? Thanks!

Kate said...

Where are you guys? I miss you! Please come back!!!

red rabbit said...

Sorry, Kate. The heat makes me lazy. But...we're baaaaacckkk!