Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Contraceptive Nazis

Ok, this could be the start of something bad.
''There are pharmacists who will only give birth control pills to a woman if she's married. There are pharmacists who mistakenly believe contraception is a form of abortion and refuse to prescribe it to anyone," said Adam Sonfield of the Alan Guttmacher Institute in New York, which tracks reproductive issues. ''There are even cases of pharmacists holding prescriptions hostage, where they won't even transfer it to another pharmacy when time is of the essence."

Supporters see this as "...a welcome expression of personal belief"? Did anyone else just hear a toilet flush? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

TBogg points out the hypocrisy quite nicely.
After reading the article you will notice that no mention is made of pharmacists declining to sell condoms, which are disposable gulags for the pre-Fetus-Americans. And ribbed condoms? Forget it, Sparky. Sex is for babies, not for pleasure. Well, her pleasure anyway.

If female pharmacists suddenly started refusing to dispense Viagra or Cialis to men, Congress would reconvene in the middle of the night and George Bush would make another midnight run from Crawford to sign the Tentpole Act of 2005 (also known as Bob Dole's Law).

What's next? Will the almighty pharmacist decide, in all his wisdom and selfrighteous willfulness, that the pesky rash you've been trying to get rid of is the punishment of a just God? No cortisone for you!


Lenora said...

Isn't the point of marriage to reproduce? I can just see our self-righteous pharmacists refusing birth control pills to married women for that very reason. Funny, I don't see a giant uterus when I look in the mirror.

agitprop said...

No pills for you!

What's next? Will physicians be able to refuse treatment if one is gay? Scary times. I think we're going back to the Middle Ages.

Anonymous said...

I can see a time when we have "red" and "blue" pharmacies, hospitals, shopping malls, movie theaters, etc. The ad junkies are probably thrilled at the thought of it -- marketing freedom to the blues, happy slavery ("Freedom is slavery!") to the reds. ("Our pharmacists are here to protect you..."/"Our pharmacists are here to let you choose...") This will be just before the civil war starts...