Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Yeah about this.

For the record, Kate had everybody beat weeks ago with photographic evidence of this ass-hattery.

And it doesn’t matter that it’s idiotic and wrong. It will work anyway. It will work because there are enough reptilian brains that work like this.

A) Terrorists are bad
B) Bush hates terrorists
C) Bush is good
D) Kerry hates Bush
E) Kerry is bad
F) Kerry likes terrorists.

It’s hurts that this kind of thinking is out there in the world. I remember shortly after the 2000 Election was consoling my mom with the undeniable fact that Gore won the popular vote. She said it didn’t matter because the knowledge that there were that many people out there who had voted for him made her sick to her stomach. Seeing bumper stickers like that gives me that same kind of feeling. And I wonder if it’s worth it to try to get Kerry in office. Because even if he wins he’ll have to combat the Jack Richardson’s of the world, cajoling, placating, and compromising with them just so his time in office can be a little more bearable.

Wouldn’t you love it if Kerry were asked to comment on the bumper sticker, and he just let loose with, “Jack Richardson IV is big greasy turd. Where I’m from, we flush those.”

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