Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Non-Scandals etc.

I’m short on time this week for various reasons, so this will be a quick recap of the last few days.

Is anyone actually scandalized that Eminem rapped about killing the President? We are talking about the same guy that also rapped about killing his mother and his ex-wife, right? Please people.

Oooh John Kerry said the F-word. Grow up people.

Speaking of Kerry it makes me a little sad that he’s floundering in the polls. Everything else aside, Kerry has the makings of a good President. Moreover, he would be a good choice in any election not just this one and not just against Bush. But now with Dean getting the nod from Gore, it doesn’t look good.

And would somebody please tell Lieberman that denial ain’t just a river in Egypt?

I’m still no big Dean fan but if he’s our guy than he’s our guy. Regardless David Brooks needs stop writing his columns while smoking crack. Even Josh Marshall is rolling his eyes.

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