Sunday, December 14, 2003

All I've got is one thin dime

Funny—as a child I thought it was my dad's face that was on the dime, and so it was my favorite coin. Even after I learned that, really, it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's face, I've continued to look at my dimes affectionately. The group of 80-odd Republicans (and I do mean odd) who are proposing to put Ronald Reagan's face on the dime, replacing FDR, should be aiming for something larger—something that really reflects Reagan's biggest mark on this country. After Freddie Mercury died a friend of mine said that AIDS should be called Reagan's Disease since it spread so quickly and viciously during his tenure as president due to his ignorance, prejudice and complete lack of compassion.

And so that's my proposal: rename AIDS for Ronald Reagan. Imagine the money that could be raised by invoking that name. It couldn't possibly be put to better use.

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