Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Well, what do you expect from someone called Midge?

Okay, that’s probably not fair. If there any readers named Midge who have not written a breathless tribute to sex god Donald Rumsfeld (I can’t believe I typed that) please accept my apologies. Still, I think you should join me in a hearty round of ewww-ing at what I can only describe as smut peddling.
She spoke of her subject admiringly, but without obvious emotion. “The key to him is that he is a wrestler,” she said. “A wrestler is a lone figure. He battles one on one, and he either wins or loses. There is only one man on the mat at the end of a wrestling match. It is no accident, as the communists used to say, that he wrestled.”

Is the whole unitard clad –man writhing with another man thing a little obvious? Okay I won’t go there.
She observed that he was called a “virtual rock star” on CNN, a “babe magnet” on Fox, and “Rumstud” by the president. He appeared in the December 2, 2002, issue of People, having been selected as one of the world’s sexiest men. “In Washington, to be anywhere he is has become chic,” a friend of Rumsfeld’s told Decter. “People actually follow him around.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. President Miserable Failure in a flight suit called him Rumstud.

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